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[this is good] dear steve,

i am a writer living in new york who grew up in boston - i've been looking for images of boston/cambridge, particularly of the late 60s


Dear Mr. Lundeen
I am writing to you to thank you for the thousands of images you have uploaded from your Father in Law's photo archive. I have lived in Beacon Hill for my entire life (25 years since 1986) and the photos really capture life in that area before the mass migration of college students and business preofessionals in the late 90's to present. Back when I was a young kid in the late 80's and early 90's, Beacon Hill and the West End (Charles River Park) had a much more closer sense of community and fellowship than it does in the present day. Not to mention that MGH bought out a huge amount of property which in essence destroyed some of the local businesses that were a staple in our community. For example, Charles River Plaza used to have a movie theatre, a Brighams Restauraunt, a candy shoppe, a video store, a gift store, a Burger King, a Boston Market, a Sarni Cleaners, a Stop&Shop and a CVS. Now the only thing that remains is CVS and a Whole Foods Market because MGH turned the entire plaza into one big Laboratory where all these young business professionals work. The small knit community that used to be, is virtually gone, taken over by Mass General Hospital, Sufffolk University (young urban professionals [Yuppies] and a vast population of college students).
So anyway I wanted to mention to you that some of the sets of photos you have posted on Flickr particularly caught my attention. For examplem, the Macmillans has several pictures of my friend's Father Dan Macmillan who passed away in the mid 1990's. When I showed him those pictures of his Dad, he was shocked (in a good way). The resembelance between the two of them is marvelling. He told me that he still has the camera his Dad was holding in one of the photos. Some of the other photos that caught my attention were those of Phillips Drug store in 1970. Phillip's Drug was turned into a CVS in the early 90's and I actually worked there between 04 and 08. The Charles MGH station was completely renovated 5 years ago, and the overpass is no longer there. Charles Street Jail is now the Liberty Hotel and Buzzy's Roast Beef is also gone.
So getting to the point, I would like to leave you my e-mail, so that maybe you and I and Dan Macmillan's son could get in touch someday. Maybe we could one day speak on the phone, or if your ever in the Boston area, we could all go out for lunch and converse about old times, as well as your Father in Law's brilliant photography. My name is Mark Wagner and my e-mail address in mwagner2005@curry.edu. I'm sure Dan Macmillan's son would also love to speak with you regarding the photos of his Dad. If you could contact me when you get a chance that would be great. Again I thank you and your late Father in Law for your great work. Talk to you soon.

-Mark Wagner

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